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We’re on the Keeping the Blues Alive CD – Volume Eight!!!

Check out the Keeping the Blues Alive CD – Volume Eight online!

For those of you that don’t know, we’ve had the huge honor of being added to this wonderful compilation album.  So many great opportunities are included in being a part of this compilation!  Radio play, exposure, and much much more!

Also, please check out the Blues Society of Omaha’s compilation album, which contains 28 local and regional bands for $12 at The 21st Saloon on Thursday blues nights or email at

Lastly but not least, check out the KZUM compilation album! They were so nice to include us on theirs too!!

Such a great opportunity to be added to all of these! Feeling so very blessed!!



It’s been awhile! We’re greatly looking forward to getting back down there and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as well. Also, we’re looking forward to being in some warmer weather for about a week! Please check out the dates and if you are in the area please come hang! Or if you have any friends or family in the area please send them on out, we’d love to meet them.

We will be participating in the Boomtown Showcase and a Red Gorilla showcase too, as well as several other shows in Austin and San Antonio!

See you guys soon!

International Blues Challenge Semifinalist!

Memphis was amazing and we already miss it and want to go back. All the great blues filling Beale Street all night long is unforgettable. It was really great making so many new friends from all over the globe too!

We are proud to be Semifinalists and to be the Nebraska representative!

Lets see what the rest of 2015 brings!

Info for tonights IBC Semifinals!!

We go on at 11pm at Blues City Cafe in Memphis! Please spread the word! We are some lucky dudes!

We made it to the Semifinals!!!!

We made it! We’ll post times tomorrow about get the word out! We’re so psyched, please spread the word!!

We’re in Memphis!! IBCs 2015!

We are here and loving every minute of it! Making so many new friends.

Last night was our first show and it went well, the other bands played great too! Tonight we play at the Flying Saucer at 9:40pm, please spread the word!

Thank you for your continuous support and we’re trying to make you proud every moment we’re down there!

Keep those fingers crossed that we make it into the semi finals!

Buy New Album “Young Guns” now!

Fulfill all your Hector Anchondo Band desires at our new Online Merch Store!

That’s right guys, the new album and other items are now available for purchase! It’s easy. Go to the store, select what you like, and we’ll ship it to you! Get it first right here at!

Look up top for the Online Store tab or click on this link: Online Store

on Square Market

Thank you so much!!

Solo set Thursdays at Omaha Lounge!

For the next three months I’m going to be playing a solo set at the Omaha Lounge from 7:30 to 10:30. It’s free so please come check it out and say hi!

Thank you so much for donating!

Thank you to everyone that donated toward the new album! Can’t thank you enough. With your help we were able to get an entire day and a half in the studio, which might not sound like much to some but it is HUGE to us. We owe you guys a great record! Seriously, this is your record just as much as it is ours. I’m ready for you all to have one in your hands! Up next is the mix down and artwork, then we’ll send it off to get pressed. Should have it by early Dec and you know we’re going to be throwing a party for this, so be on the look out for that!


Donate Here!!

Hey guys! Anything would be a great help toward getting this album out there! We hit the studio next week and need all the help we can get. Below is a paypal button, even $1 would be huge! Can’t wait to get this album out to you all!! We are nothing without you guys!

Donations ends one week from today!