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Young Guns selected for the Best Self Produced album!!!

The new album has been selected for the Best Self Produced category through the Mile High Blue Society out of Denver, CO.  It has been submitted to the International Blues Challenge Best Self Produced category and will be amongst many great albums.  With a bit of luck, hopefully it will stand out and get a little recognition in Memphis.  Fingers crossed.

We are very excited about this!!  Huge thank you to the Mile High Blues Society!!

We’ve been so lucky to have such a great year!!!!

International Blues Challenge 2016!!!!

Nebraska Blues Challenge 2015 winners!!!

First off, I want to thank the Omaha Blues Society  for all their hard work, if not for them the NBC wouldn’t happen each year giving the great bands of Nebraska a chance to take it to the next level.  You guys are the champions here!

Huge thank you to the family, friends, and fans out there that came out to support, without you non of this would be possible for us.  We owe you guys big time, we love you guys, thank you!!!

We get to advance to the 2016 International Blues Challenge!!! This is huge news and we’re so very excited to get back to Memphis, TN!!!!



Compilation News! 

Compilation News!

We’re proud to announce that our song “Shake Me Shake Me” is on the Keeping The Blues Alive Volume Nine compilation!!! This is a huge honor!!  This will lead to even more radio air time all over the world.  What an honor!!!

Topeka Kansas Blues Challenge!!!

Hey ya’ll!!

We’re competing in the Topeka Kansas Blues challenge and we need all the help with can get by having your very pretty faces there!!  Please spread the word and come hang with us.  If we can win this we’ll get to participate in the 2016 International Blues Challenge!!!!!!!   Maybe this year, with a lot of hard work, we could make it to the finals?  Lets do this, Topeka!!!!!

The inaugural “In The Market For Blues” Festival in Omaha, NE!!!

The Hector Anchondo Band and E3 Entertainment are starting a small blues fest in the Old Market of Omaha, NE with the help of
They’d love for you to attend!! More info to be announced. $5

The “In The Market For Blues” team is hoping to see this grow into Omaha’s own downtown multiple venue real deal blues festival, while trying to keep it very involved with Omaha’s local blues talent.

This is the first year and we’re keeping it small and need your help to help it grow! So bring your friends and family and lets hang and dance to some blues!

Very proud to have Harney Street Tavern and The Hive as the very first two venues!! Big Thank You to those guys!

Facebook Event Page:

Harney Street Tavern
-Cleveland Blue 2011 & 2014 IBC Finilist
-Swamp Boy
-Hector Anchondo Band – Nebraska Blues Challenge Winner and 2015 International Blues Challenge Semi Finalist

The Hive Rock Club & Art Gallery
-40 Sinners
-Amanda Rey (Fayetteville Arkansas) 2015 International Blues Challenge Contestant
-Lauren Anderson (Kansas City Missouri)

End of the night grand finale: The Grand Slam Jam – watch the sparks fly when the musicians get up and jam with each other!

Sturgis Bike Rally!!!

This August 4th we’ll be playing in Whitewood, SD during the Sturgis Bike Rally for the first time and we’re extremely excited for this event!  We’ll be the direct support for The Marshall Tucker Band, what a huge honor.  We’re some lucky fellas!!  None of this would be possible without all the help of you all.  Thank you for your undying support!!

We’re on the Keeping the Blues Alive CD – Volume Eight!!!

Check out the Keeping the Blues Alive CD – Volume Eight online!

For those of you that don’t know, we’ve had the huge honor of being added to this wonderful compilation album.  So many great opportunities are included in being a part of this compilation!  Radio play, exposure, and much much more!

Also, please check out the Blues Society of Omaha’s compilation album, which contains 28 local and regional bands for $12 at The 21st Saloon on Thursday blues nights or email at

Lastly but not least, check out the KZUM compilation album! They were so nice to include us on theirs too!!

Such a great opportunity to be added to all of these! Feeling so very blessed!!



It’s been awhile! We’re greatly looking forward to getting back down there and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as well. Also, we’re looking forward to being in some warmer weather for about a week! Please check out the dates and if you are in the area please come hang! Or if you have any friends or family in the area please send them on out, we’d love to meet them.

We will be participating in the Boomtown Showcase and a Red Gorilla showcase too, as well as several other shows in Austin and San Antonio!

See you guys soon!

International Blues Challenge Semifinalist!

Memphis was amazing and we already miss it and want to go back. All the great blues filling Beale Street all night long is unforgettable. It was really great making so many new friends from all over the globe too!

We are proud to be Semifinalists and to be the Nebraska representative!

Lets see what the rest of 2015 brings!

Info for tonights IBC Semifinals!!

We go on at 11pm at Blues City Cafe in Memphis! Please spread the word! We are some lucky dudes!