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Live in Chicago check it out!

Here’s a video that was shoot by Shawn that does the ChiBluez site on, it was shoot over a year ago when I was living out in Chicago, IL at Gene’s Playmate Lounge in the south side.  It was a really excellent night and I’m glad it was caught on camera.  That night I also didn’t realize that the CTA stopped running in that area an hour earlier than where I lived so I was left at 2am walking for miles, it was a Sunday and in that area there wasn’t any cabs either.  After walking for hours I eventually made my way to the blue line.  It was totally worth it.

Happy Holidays!!!

Hey guys,

It’s reaching the end of 2012 and this past year has been a really wonderful time, there’s been lots of excellent shows played and many new friends made.  When I think back over this past year of shows there have been some ups and downs but the ups far outweigh the downs, even the downs weren’t so bad.  The guys and I enjoyed playing for all of you at each and every show.  Looking forward to playing more for you in 2013, as well as bringing you more new music!

I’d like to give a special thanks to Rockin’ Johnny for letting myself and the guys back him up this past fall, that was truly a good time and learning experience.  I’ve known Johnny for several years now, I first met him when I was living out in Chicago, I’d check out his shows and he’d always be cool and have me up to play and sing a few tunes.  That meant a lot and I’d always learn new guitar licks from watching Johnny tear it up on that guitar.  Thanks Johnny!  For those of you that haven’t heard of him, check him out, he’s a rad dude.

There’s a few end of the year shows listed and I’m ready to make these last few before the new year count!  So check um out and add them to the calendar.  Also, there’s already a few new shows for next year already so be sure to give those a look too.

You can always catch me Wednesday nights at Trackside in Omaha, NE for an open mic/jam.  from 7pm to 11pm.

Lets take it into 2013 the right way, rockin’ some blues, spending time with friends and family, taking time for the little things, and enjoying the festivities.

¡Salud!  Happy Holidays! 


Happy Halloween!

New!! I’m very excited about the launch of the brand spakin’ new, right out of the Augie shop,!  It’s looking sharp and will allow me to more easily keep you guys up to speed with all the ongoings of the road.

I’d like to give a big thank you shout out to Augie of Tall Animals, he put the new site together and did an excellent job.  You rule man!

Looking forward to tonight in Lincoln, NE – Doing a live set and interview on KZUM 89.3, tune in! Also, you can tune into and listen as well!   Plus at the legendary Zoo bar tonight and hit the stage at 9pm.  If you’re in the area please stop out!

Be listening for new music at the shows, I’ve been working on lots of new stuff and last week started really working them out with the dudes in rehearsal.  I’m excited for everyone to hear them.

Finally, I’d like to give another big thank you to Devon “Blind Dog” Fulton for helping me out with a PA last weekend – ours was stolen recently and trying to get it resolved – he really bailed us out.  Thanks bro!

SHOW UPDATES BELOW! I’ll be watching for you guys out there!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Nominated for the Omaha Entertainment Awards

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a little while since the last post, but don’t worry things have been moving right along!  Things got very busy for me there for awhile but I ain’t complaining!  Now taking a few weeks this fall to regroup and finish writing new music and practice with the guys to gear up to show the new tunes to everyone.

I’ve been working on getting Dec. booked up for the holiday shows so keep an eye out for that.  Also, if any of you would like me to come to your town let me know and I promise to get on it and make it happen.

I was recently nominated for the Omaha Entertainment Awards for the best Blues band in Omaha, NE, this is a big honor and looking forward to attending the OEA’s.  It’s always a nice event and I get to see lots of fellow musicians that I admire and respect. Plus I love supporting the hometown scene. Much Love.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the Omaha Blues Society for hooking me up with The Royal Southern Brotherhood show recently, it was so much fun, thank you!!!

Another special shout out to my great friend, long time band mate, and cousin Big G.  He’s getting married in a little over a month in Omaha at Sokol Auditorium, a real rock n’ roll wedding, congratulations man!! Can’t wait to be there to support ya!!

Until next time, be safe, and see you guys out on the road.


A little unplugged version of “Where’d You Go?”

A little unplugged action of “Where’d You Go?” with my 1966 12 string resonator Dobro Daliah

Hitting the road, and gearing up to hit it harder than ever this fall!

Hey guys, we’re still hitting the road and gearing up to hit it harder than ever this fall. If anyone of you want us to come to your hometown please let us know! We want to come see you! Special thanks to everyone in Chicago, IL for coming out to see us at Taste of Lincoln Avenue Fest, that was such a great time! Please check out the shows section, there’s a lot of them coming up.
Also, the video for “Momma’s A Hard Man” is still in the works, we’re holding out to raise enough funds for it but we’ll get there and it will be worth the wait.

We’re going to start hitting up Colorado often, so be checking back for updates if you’re out in that neck of the woods.
We’ll be seeing you all very soon and if you’re interested in signing up for the mailing list please send an email to me at
Until next time,

Hector & the guys

Nebraska Blues Challenge!

This just in: Sunday May 6th the guys and I were invited to participate in this years Nebraska Blues Challenge! We are very honored and are very much looking forward to sharing the stage in one of three first rounds between all the bands also playing. Our round is located at Gator O’Malley’s and starts at 3:30 with MoJoPo and we play at 4:40, with Lil Slim at 5:50. We need all the help we can get for this one and it could lead to great opportunities if we place. It’s already a great opportunity just being involved in it! So I hope to see some of you out if you can make it, it would mean a lot!

Wish us luck!

Video from the Redgorilla Showcase in Austin Texas!

Here’s some video from the Redgorilla Showcase in Austin Texas! To watch some footage from the Redbird Records Showcase check out – Also many new shows are being booked so be sure to keep a look out!

To sign up for the mailing list email and in subject put add to blues mailing list!

Second Showcase at SXSW!

This just in, fresh of the presses, just got offered a second showcase through RedGorilla on Saturday March 17th in Austin, TX at The Dizzy Rooster, we go on at 4pm! Also, going to be on this years RedGorilla compilation disc that’s going to be passed around all over the festival, I’ll try to get my hands on a few for some of you folks back home. p.s. Anyone want to caravan down there? Hit me up!

Redbird Records Showcase @SXSW

I wanted to give you guys the update, we got the word that we’re heading down to this years RedGorilla Music Festival down in Austin Texas. We’re part of the Redbird Records Showcase and playing Friday March 16th at The Chuggin’ Monkey. Not sure about the exact time yet but the showcase is taking place between 1 and 4pm and I’ll definitely keep you posted on the time we play. See you guys down in Austin, TX!! This year is off to an wonderful start.