“Roll The Dice” is in the Charts and worldwide!!

We are in the Roots Music Report charts and being played on radio all over the globe!!

The new album is currently #17 on the Blues Rock music chart!!!  The title track is currently #26 on the Blues Rock Song chart!!!  We are blown away!  Lets see how high we can get! 

Nebraska!! “Roll The Dice” is #1 in our home state??  We can’t believe it. Our previous album “Young Guns” is at #6 as well!!! Hot Damn!

A huge thank you to all the Radio folks that are playing the new music, we are so grateful and can’t wait to meet everyone of you in person someday to shake your hands and give you lots of HAB hugs and high fives. Also, a really huge shoutout to our brotha from the West Coast, and publicist, Frank Roszak with Frank Roszak Radio Promotion. You are an incredible dude and we are lucky to be working with you!! It’s amazing having you on our team. Gratitude.

Available on iTunes now! Click here for iTunes

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